Why choose Custom Telephone Printing, Inc.?

Printing for the Hospitality Industry for over 30 years and counting, we know the brand better than anyone. If you are looking for a quick turnaround with exceptional quality at a reasonable price, then please contact us. CTP has printed for most of the major phone manufacturers that produce the hotel telephones as well as most major hotel brands. That means you get it right the first time with hotel standards in place and no hassle. Our reputation in this industry and the manor and care we take to make sure the product exceeds your expectations is what we strive for.


How do I receive a detailed quote?

Please go to our “REQUEST A QUOTE” or “CONTACT US” link.


What is the process to place an order?

If ordering Hotel Faceplates, we will need a copy of your existing faceplate or model number of your phone. If ordering any other item(s) we will just need a copy or explanation of item. Once we obtain this information along with answering relevant information obtained via phone call or requested quote page, we will issue you your price. Once price is approved, we will email or fax you an order acknowledgement form and proof of your new faceplate(s) or other item ordered such as A or L stands. You will look over the documentation carefully. If any changes need to be made, please advise and we will reproof. When the proof is to your satisfaction we will need signatures on the 2 forms provided to you (Order acknowledgement form and Proof form). Your order will then be put into production and shipped once payment has been made.


How do I identify my telephone model(s)?

The telephone model is usually on the bottom of the telephone. If you are unable to find it, we can identify the model by a clear copy or picture of the faceplate or telephone.


If I have ordered new telephones and do not have an existing faceplate or phone on hand, how can I provide you the information?

If you know the model number then we can send you worksheets to fill in the information needed.


Will you send a proof of our faceplate or product before going to print?

We will always send a proof of your faceplate(s) or other product before going to print. We will not print anything without your signed approval.


How long will a proof take once I get you the information?

1-2 business days.


Can I make changes to proofs before going into production?

Changes can be made to proofs until we receive your signed approval for production. If there are changes to be made to your proof, when we receive what changes are to be made, you will receive another proof until such time as you are satisfied.


Can you print room numbers directly on faceplates?

We can digitally print room numbers on any paper faceplates. Plastic faceplates will have stickers provided with the numbers printed on them.


Do you sell clear plastic covers (overlays) to go over the paper faceplates?

We do produce clear plastic overlays to go over the paper faceplate products.


Is there a minimum order?

There is a 25 piece minimum order.


How do I approve my order when I am ready for them to go to print?

You will need to sign and date 2 forms:

  • The Order Acknowledgement form sent with your first proof.
  • The proof worksheet form.


How long will it take to produce once you receive my signed documentation?

Depending on quantity, paper is 4-7 business days and plastic is 7-15 business days.


Is it possible to have my order rushed?

Depending on the size of the order, we make every effort to get orders out as soon as possible. If your order needs to be jumped in the production order then additional expedite and shipping fees may apply.


What are the payment requirements?

Payment is required before the completed job can leave our facility. We accept all major credit cards or you can mail a check. The job will be shipped the day payment is received.


How do you ship my order once it is finished and paid?

We ship all orders Fedex Ground unless otherwise specified. Additional fees will apply for faster shipping.




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